On FOXdc, we discuss what concerns we should have about Ebola. The Ebola virus is here in the USA, and it is important to prevent it from becoming an epidemic. There have been outbreaks for more than 40 years due to this type of virus, but there has never [...]

Tapeworms | Pageant Mom Reportedly Gave to her Daughter to Lose Weight

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I believe Mrs. Baker, my 7th grade life science teacher, introduced me to tapeworms. If my memory serves me correctly, she said some “diet pills” had tapeworms. Ewww, what a way to lose weight! As a guest on HLN today, we discuss tapeworms because a beauty pageant mom secretly gave her [...]

Norovirus: The Infamous GI Bug

http://youtu.be/tFnWYli3tck (click here for video)
Norovirus is pretty well known cause of gastroenteritis (infection of the gut to cause vomiting and diarrhea) because of the news coverage on this virus. Cruise ships that have been on the news for Norovirus this year include: Holland America’s Veendam (CNN 2/23/14) — which is a bummer because [...]

Flu Epidemic Update | January 14, 2013

On HLN, Richelle and I catch up with each other to see how the flu epidemic of 2013 is going. So far, the flu has not flown…away. Lots of sick people.